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Portfolio Profitability Analysis
Credit Card processing profitability analysis chartsWhen your company is preparing for an exit strategy, or simply working to ensure maximum profitability on your portfolio, TCB can help.

The TCB team begins by conducting a four part review to ensure Quality, Data compliance, Exceptions and an overall database review. This can be done as a onetime review so there are no surprises or outstanding issues for your “buyer” to uncover. Optionally, reviews can be done periodically to ensure that your portfolio is persistently as profitable as possible.

Legal and Regulatory Assistance
» Expert Testimony
As fraud rings continue to plague the industry, it is imperative that they be identified and prosecuted accordingly. Prosecution is a key factor when reducing overall losses. Take Charge Business Consulting can train your staff members to prepare cases that will get attention by law enforcement. We will train them to make sound decisions on what cases should be prosecuted and what agency the case should be referred to.

We can work with your management staff to review and implement monitoring tools to ensure their staff is adequately trained and that they are maintaining or exceeding required standards for the position. In addition we can work with them to improve the service levels.
» FTC actions against telemarketing scams
  » TCB can assist you in a review of current underwriting and monitoring policies to ensure compliance and provide recommendations on monitoring going forward
  » If action is taken against your company we can assist you in providing the back up and expert testimony to show the due diligence was being conducted therefore eliminating the allegations that your company was benefiting or assisting in any way. TCB consultants are also experienced in communicating with people outside the industry to help them understand payment processing and the role that each party has in the cycle
» Operation Choke Point
  The reach of the “operation” is sweeping. Indeed, recently released documents reveal that the Government has initiated criminal investigations, issued subpoenas, and pursued civil litigation against scores of banks, processors, and ISOs. And, earlier this year, the FTC entered into seven-figure settlements with a bank and a payment processor for their perceived complicity in merchant wrongdoing. According to an internal DOJ memorandum, this is just the beginning. These early settlements are designed to send a message to the banking and payments community at large

TCB can assist in the implementation of “Best Practices” for both underwriting and monitoring your portfolio. We can review your portfolio to identify potential merchants that could be a target of this action and help you plan either an exit strategy or bring the merchant back into compliance.

Compliance Audits
Data integrity, agent identification, and portfolio monitoring are all very important parts of the Regulatory Requirements. In the past two years Visa has been actively conducting ARP aCompliance regulations and autitsudits. MasterCard is doing the RAMP reviews and the OCC is performing annual reviews.

The TCB team can evaluate or create policies and procedures to meet these strict standards. When "noncompliant" items are identified, we assist in making appropriate corrections, allowing your company to produce a shining audit profile. We can also help prepare your staff for their portion of the audit function.

Merchant Cash AdvanceDollar sign
TCB has been very successful in assisting clients exploring the option of offering alternative funding to small businesses. We can assist with your “go to market plan” Partnerships, System and Line of Credit options. If you are already in the business we can provide input to business practices, structure and workflow as well as the implementation and ongoing updates that are required to the company to run efficiently and become profitable.

Merchant Underwriting
The industry is extremely competitive, and application count is important to everyone. Many times underwriters are pressured into approving borderline deals for the sake of business growth. Training and streamlining certain processes can improve efficiency and ensure that these types of deals are reviewed carefully, therefore potentially saving a good customer from an unnecessary call from risk or preventing a bad customer from committing fraud.

Take Charge Business Consulting can review your policies and procedures to ensure that they meet the Association and Regulatory guidelines as well as ensuring that your application count does not decrease.

Risk Management
In this day and age of the acquiring business, profit margins are slim and all companies are looking for ways to reduce expenses and improve the bottom line. One way to achieve this is to focus on the area that comes right out of the profits . . . losses. Although risk management is generally considered a necessity and typically not a Manage Riskrevenue stream, it is imperative that you do everything possible to be “proactive versus reactive.”

The TCB team will help your company learn how to mitigate risk while maintaining or increasing business profits. Let's get started ASAP by analyzing your current processes and systems to evaluate for automation, compliance, and potential risks. Once weaknesses are identified, solutions can be created and implemented enabling you to "Take Charge" of your bottom line! Call Take Charge Business Consulting today to discover the many ways TCB can help you cultivate and sustain business processes and revenues!
Training for Payment Processing
Training for card processing staff Training is critical to prepare your key people to make the right calls and decisions. Take Charge Business Consultants can supply training materials customized and tailored to match the needs of your departments and job profiles of your staff. TCB can also provide trainers with years of industry knowledge and classroom experience. Call us to discuss your training needs and objectives.
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